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Hello Good People!

I’m a roller coaster who enjoy any voyage through an ice cream in color scheme, typeface in Facebook, illusion in illustration, wonderland in freehand, beach in a sketch, pain in paint, lie on a layout, skyline in timeline, a sign in design and finally a mirror in trial & errors.

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“Don’t follow the flow like throw a vow, be accurate like a bow, don’t be slow like a cow.” -Anna Jihad, 2014.

As a further guideline, please note that I have some specialties in classic and digital visual graphic asset, creative and art direction, concept, graphic design, web design, creative ads, etc. Be honest to find out more about my latest projects on Behance.

Moreover, I’m a sociable and fun person. I also love to work in any capable creative team, so be happy to drop me a line.

If you want to know me so much and have a detective instinct or a kind of person with a strong spirit of researcher, you can type my rare name in Google and you will find more than this. Take it easy, I’ll never know you did it 😉

Cheers, Anna Jihad

Anna Jihad


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Trio Digital Agency | FXMedia Singapore Pte Ltd | HVMND Creatives | O’Artscience Laboratory

Leaders in Heels Australia | Universitas Kader Bangsa Palembang | Universitas Pelita Harapan Ja- karta | PT Morodadi Prima (ISO 9001:2008) | Ministry of Education and National Culture – TV Edu- kasi | CV. Jawa Distribusi Internasional | PT. Mannasatria Kusumajaya Perkasa | Greenland At Tidar

DONINI Italy | Rotelli Fashion | GOSH Fashion | Bellagio Fashion | Oat & Oat | Shake Club House Safe Care Aromatherapy | Teapresso Indonesia | Pro Design Furniture | Amidis Mineral Water
PT Sungwoo Indonesia | PT SBY Pratama Media | Building & Construction Authority of Singapore | Singapore Universal Design Week 2014 | Joint Polytechnics Singapore | A*STAR Infocomm Re- search | A*STAR Social Robot | A*STAR Autonomous Vehicle Programme | Noise Singapore | Home Team Academy | Brother Singapore | Singapore National Co-operative Federation | BMW China | Panasonic Singapore | Raffles Medical Group | Jurong Town Council (JTC Fusionopolis) | General Mills | Singapore Tourism Board | Singapore Ministry of Environment and Water Resourc- es (MEWR) | Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs | Home Team Academy Alumni | Sharp Singapore | Singapore Writers Festival | Anacle Systems Pte Ltd | PPP Clinics Singapore | Public Hygiene Council Singapore | Chan Brothers Travel

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